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Pure material and fashion design polypropylene luggage

Our factory has produced PP(polypropylene) luggage for more than 5 years, we are good at designing for customers with our best developing team. You can visit our injection mold workshop near our factory.

The PP luggage trend is coming from last year,  we cooperate with many big brands to promote our mould and Grand Travel is our own brand for some agent company selling. You can contact me to apply for a new agent in your country.

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Product By Features

BS015 PP luggage

It is a popular mould with curve shape. Designed with perfect edge and eye catching textures.

BS018 PP luggage

The horizontal lines make you feel regular. Simple designs but accessible at lower prices but high quality offers.

BS019 PP luggage

Wide rectangle shape make it feel generous and luxury. Comes in glossy and smooth textures at various colors such as red related.

BS025 PP luggage

It is created by the wave shape with endless circle. Designed with  attractive colors and textures, featuring scratch resistant.

BS081 PP luggage

Symmetrical lines make it different from other normal model, darker green color like spring coming.

BS082 PP luggage

Straight lines and big circle in the middle are harmonious designs. Featuring high impact resistance for long life span.

Advantages of Our Factory

As the best PP luggage manufacturer in China, you can fully trust us to supply PP luggage products for you. Grand Travel luggage manufacturer has 25 years luggage making, it formed our own customer service company culture.

There are lots of advantages of our factory. If you want to make PP luggage with your own brand, please send us your inquiry, we will reply to you within 8 hours working time.

Polypropylene material with super lightweight features, it is formed from injection mould can meet customers’ unique design requirement.

As 100% polypropylene needs to be injected forming a hard shell, you can receive a final environment friendly PP hard luggage. It’s time for us to protect the earth with using harmful material.

Lightweight advantages can relax your travel, for PP luggage with low-density feature. Now our lowest cabin PP luggage can be cut down to 2.0 KG per pc.

Big market and less competition, if you are in the luggage wholesale for more than 3 years, you may find more ABS and PC luggage suppliers than PP luggage, for our PP luggage mould is expensive and it’sdifficult to produce PP luggage without perfect production line.

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