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Our factory has produced PC(polycarbonate) luggage for more than 20 years, we are good at designing mould for you with our expert team. You will receive our recommend newly designed mold every month.

The PC luggage trend is popular for the easy design and changeable colors,  we have a big printing film supplier can make different printing like animals, oil painting, country scenery. So you can make different printing design on the same mould.

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PC luggage transparent

It is a popular transparent PC luggage series in 2019, you can put any drawing photos in the luggage and get newly attractive luggage.

PC luggage BS009 grey

You can see PC luggage series in many colors and printing films, it is designed like a robot shape.

012 PC luggage Green

It is created by the geometrical shape with different angles. You will feel newly designed from different faces.

BS014 PC luggage kaqi

Grand Tavel PC Luggage BS014 in black you can see the classic and luxury surface. Its double brand design makes your logo show obviously.

BS017 PC luggage

It’s made of geometry serape lines, you can see it is irregular lines in the front and side face, no ending lines make your imagine more.


The shape expand from the left point, you can fee the retrace, and meantime you can feel the symmetrical pattern.

Advantages of our Polycarbonate Luggage Factory

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As the best Polycarbonate luggage manufacturer in China, you can fully trust us to supply PC luggage products for you. Grand Travel PC luggage manufacturer has 25 years of luggage making experience, we have many molds stored at our mould warehouse.

You can get one free sample from our factory. If you want to customize PC luggage with your own brand, please send us your inquiry, you can get a quotation within 8 working hours.

Why PC luggage is wonderful?

Polycarbonate material with super lightweight features, it is formed from Aluminum mould can meet customers’ customized design requirements.

Polycarbonate is a durable material,  you need to choose the top PC luggage manufacturer with full factory audit.  That we can promise to use 100% polycarbonate material to make your luggage. After the certification done by BV/SGS/TUV,  Our quality inspection system has been increased.

As an old polycarbonate luggage professional manufacturer, we have cooperated on many projects with big brands all over the world.  So we are familiar with the testing standard in the most luggage market.

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