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Grand Travel is a luggage manufacturer has been in the luggage industry for more than 25 years,we are good quality luggage manufacturer located in Pinghu near Shanghai and Hangzhou city. You can purchase the best quality luggage at a reasonable cost. We can finish your orders at a very short lead time and provide free function design/shipping advise.

If you want to start a new luggage brand, you may consider choosing a certified supplier who can help you.  You may not visit the factory for the first time during the convinced virus time. No doubt, as we OBM/ODM for different brands for many years, your requirement can be get by your details.

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Product By Features

BS027 PP luggage sets

BS027 PP luggage idea from the wide straps, you can see spreading out from the center brand logo as a reflective material, highlight your brand. That makes your brand eye appeal position in the luggage market.

Butterfly White Luggage

Butterfly white luggage comes in attractive colors, durable zippers, locks, straps, and tires. Made of the highest quality materials and parts for a longer life span offered at the lowest price.

Durable Black Luggage

Durable black luggage is made of verified materials and comes in various sizes and styles. Simple yet elegant color perfect for any travel purposes.

Glossy Pink Luggage Sets

Choose a variety of luggage pink colors and different styles. Comes with a horizontal ribbed designed attractive for all women. Glossy pink are more attractive for women. Available in old rose, deep pink, and light pink. Highest-quality luggage but offered at friendly prices.

Impact Resistant 3 Sets Luggage

Choose this unisex type of luggage color. Durable and comfortable handles, wide straps, and vertical ribbed designs make it simpler and more elegant.

Lightweight Character Luggage

Character luggage is made of lightweight and durable materials. High impact resistant and durable from falling offered in various colors and sizes. Easier to transport and comfortable to carry especially for long-distance travel.

Advantages of our luggage factory

Luggage manufacturer
Luggage manufacturer

There are lots of advantages of our luggage factory. For example,1.We can provide free samples for you within 7 days,2. The mass production can be finished at a short lead time, 3. A more flexible payment term can be provided for you. We are the best luggage manufacturer in China.

You can rely on us without a doubt like a friend. We produce high-level quality luggage and won’t let you down. Top luggage manufacturers in China can provide different products for you, we not only offer good products and provide after-sale service.

Why choose us as your luggage vendor

Actually, there are many luggage manufacturers in China and the buyer cannot make a final decision to choose an eligible luggage vendor for them. As the best luggage supplier in China, I can answer it.

Most of the vendors will not tell you truly what Materials their luggage is made from. But as an expert luggage factory, we will sincerely share all of the details of our products. We provide high-level luggage to all our customers.

All Kinds of Luggage

First level class materials are used in our hardshell luggage. We make a good quality suitcase since 1993. From then, we start to develop ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP), and PET hard suitcase.

To provide the High-level luggage and trolley for our customers all over the world, the first level Materials make our products long using and main accessories with a quality warranty for 5 years. That is promised by the best hard luggage manufacturer in China.

Luggage Shape Design From the Expert Team

As our slogan is good company follow the trends, and the great company creates, we have our own developing center and design team to make new series for customers in every month.

Our team is experienced members can make fit luggage to lead the trend. We try our best to design items with better accessories, durable, strong and budget-friendly for your business.

Fast Lead Time

We are professional in the luggage making process, we can quickly sort out what kind of thoughts you are focusing on. Our sales department will give your ideas and requirements to our researching and developing department, they will discuss together and make your sample within 7 days.

During the samples on making, we can let our raw material suppliers prepare for you. When you confirmed the samples, we can get the raw material from them quickly. We are familiar with the luggage process from  Shell Extruding, Forming, Cutting, Assembling, Inspection and Packaging. You can trust us producing your luggage brand and we can provide every step by video.

Call us now! We are the trusted luggage manufacturer in China.

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