Luggage Manufacturer: All in one FAQ Guide for Your Ease

This is the most comprehensive FAQ guide for all your Luggage Manufacturer needs.

In this guide, we will answer your frequent queries regarding Luggage Manufacturers in the easiest way possible.

From the best luggage brands to their costs, quality, and use, you will learn everything through this manual.

1) What Are The Global Luggage Brands?

The first query that you will generally face is the selection of the perfect brand  for you. After all, you deserve the best.

For this, here are some of the best-handpicked luggage manufacturers for you:

RIMOWA – If you have a knack to make a statement, this is just the right luggage manufacturer for you.

With a reputation of being celebrities’ favorite with outstanding quality, this brand stands on top.

Samsonite – this is the best option if you are looking for quality luggage at the most moderate price with good designs.

Delsey – Delsey has uniqueness in all its products. However, if you are looking for good hard luggage, this is your brand.

American Tourister – A brand that does not focus on innovation but the quality of product and reasonable pricing.

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2) What Are Soft And Hard Travel Luggage Materials?

While looking for the perfect brand, you might wonder how many types of luggage are manufactured and which one is the best for you.

There are two main types of luggage for any kind of traveling; hard and soft luggage.

Soft Luggage is made of a stretchable material such as nylon, oxford and polyester.

The material of this luggage is very lightweight, and if you are looking for luggage that can compress to fit a certain space, this can be a good option.

Soft luggage often comes with exterior pockets to give more storage space and a zipper to close.

To manufacture hard luggage, high-tech plastic such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene,etc. is used.

The best benefit of hard luggage is that it often has capacity on both sides of the luggage from the inside.


Luggage FAQ Guide

This way, you can get a separated storage space.

If you are still confused between the two types of luggage, click here for more information.

3) Is A Hard Suitcase Better Than Soft?

The question of which luggage type is better than the other tricky one.

Both hard and soft luggage have their pros and cons in terms of size, quality, durability, and most importantly, your travel requirement.

If you are carrying electronics and related products, hard luggage is the right choice. Its shell covering will provide protection from rain, spills, and external blows.

Whereas soft luggage has little water resistance, this has good accessibility and storage space as compared to hard luggage.

Hard luggage usually has four wheels. Therefore, even though it is not best for your shopping trips, you can say that hard luggage is suitable for international travels.

4) What Are The Best Quality Measures For The Safety Of Luggage?

You will agree that your prime concern as a buyer is generally the quality of safety you receive.

The luggage manufacturers are responsible for ensuring this quality.

While buying luggage, you should check the kinds of zippers or locks the luggage has.

The best option in terms of safety can be TSA code locks or key locks instead of zippers.

However, you can use zipper locks if you are a person who usually opts for conventional methods.


Luggage FAQ Guide

Click here for more luggage safety tips.


5) What Type Of Standards Are Used For The Luggage Manufacturers?

Although most luggage manufacturing companies have their own standards of manufacturing, there are some rules that all of them have to comply with; such as:

The Test Method 30 of AATCC -2004

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists introduced this act.

It was introduced to determine the efficacy of fungicides on textiles.

Also, for determining the susceptibility of rot and mildew to textile material.

AATCC (Test Method 111-2009) introduced another act.

This was for the test of weather resistance for textile material.

These and some other tests ensure the standards of luggage manufacturers. Our factory can also adapt the Delsey testing methods for you to make perfect luggage.

6) What Will Be The Quality Measures According To The Buyers?

As a buyer, usually your concern is of good quality for your products at the best rates.

You get this quality insurance from your seller only.

Therefore, the first step would be to get a good manufacturer such as

Luggage FAQ Guide


Once you have your luggage, the next step is to check all the insurance details that come along with your luggage (warranty, durability, brand).

Apart from this, having a thorough check of your luggage while buying is the perfect option.

Check the handles, locks, wheels, zippers, and pockets very thoroughly before buying.

7) Which Type Of Designs Are Made According To Buyers?

Luggage FAQ Guide

Luggage manufacturing is an industry with a versatile and outstanding amount of buyers.

All the various designs of luggage are manufactured on the basis of the buyer’s demands.

Most buyers go for luggage that is easy to carry but has a vast capacity for all their belongings.

Many luggage manufacturers exclusively design luggage according to their customer demand.

Depending on your taste and preference, some of these companies generate the best designs.

8) Which Of The Luggage Has The Best Wheels?

The luggage that has the best wheels in terms of material is hard luggage.

This is because the soft luggage bends over time and therefore takes more effort from the wheels as well.

Whereas, hard luggage usually has four wheels, which help you carry the luggage in any direction easily.

If you are thinking about which is the best wheel type for your luggage, it is the in-line skate wheels.

Originally, they were designed for skates but are now perfect for luggage as well.

Luggage FAQ Guide

9) Who Makes The Most Durable Luggage?

Although the durability of luggage depends on the manufacturers, some luggage top all luggage in terms of durability.

The most durable luggage for the current year is Samsonite Omni Expandable Hard Side Luggage. Source.

Luggage FAQ Guide

The style, quality, and durability of this luggage are trustable.

10) What Is The Best Size Luggage For International Travel?

All buyers ask this question very frequently.

Every time you travel internationally, you face the trouble of choosing the best suitcase.

For this, we recommend that the best luggage size is the one that fits the “international carry-on” requirements of your region.

Apart from this, check the requirements of the airline you are using and then select your luggage size.

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