Luggage Dimension Standard

FAQ of Luggage Dimension

What is the biggest luggage dimension can I carry on?

Are dimension limits different internationally or for different airlines?

What is the dimension and weight limit for checked baggage?

We normally use carry-on luggage dimension is 22*14*9 inches. Most airlines accept this dimension size as their carry on standard. So the centimeter size is Height no more than 56cm, Width no more than 35cm, Depth no more than 22cm.luggage-dimension

Most buyers purchased 20/24/28″ per set from our factory, it can save a lot of space when shipping from China to the destination. We will put the carry on size into the medium size, and put 20/24″ into the large size.



Length of Trip Typical Contents Type of Luggage

1-2 days

  •     1-3 outfits & sleepwear
  •     Small toiletry bag
  •     Pair of shoes
  •     Essential devices
  • Weekenders/Duffels
  • Larger Backpacks
  • Small Carry-on Spinners & Grand Travel® Bags
  • Rolling Underseat Carry-ons

3-4 days

  •     5-9 outfits & sleepwear
  •     Toiletry bag
  •     Pair of shoes
  •     Essential accessories
  •     Electronics
  •     Weekenders/Duffels
  •     Carry-on Spinners  & Grand Travel® Bags
  •     Rolling Carry-on Garment Bags

5-7 days

  •     7-14 outfits & sleepwear
  •     Toiletries
  •     1-3 pairs of shoes
  •     Accessories
  •     Electronics
  •     Carry-on and Check-in Spinners
  •     Trunks
  •     Grand Travel® Bags
  •     Rolling Carry-on & Check-in Garment Bags
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