How To Verify the Quality of Luggage Manufacturer from China

Grand Travel Luggage has provided OEM services for renowned luggage brands such as Delsey, Head, and Travelpro. Our relationship with these brands can easily be verified, and we are ready to provide any other means of verification that you require. Our websites contain our address, contact number, email address, and helpline. This is because we have been in the business of luggage manufacturing for over twenty years. We have provided OEM, ODM, and OBM services for notable luggage brands from different parts of the world during these years.


Reasons why you need to verify the Quality of Luggage Manufacturer from China

  1. To ascertain that we have the requirements to fulfill your order.
  2. To discover if our production process meets up with your expectations.
  3. To discover if our testing standards meet up with the standards available in your country.
  4. To ensure you get the best luggage at the end of the design, manufacturing, and shipment process.

As soon as you have realized that it is important to verify before you place your brand’s reputation in our hands, the next thing is to proceed to the verification process. The purpose of verification is to ensure that at the end of the design, manufacturing, and shipment process, you get exactly what you ordered — well packaged, quality luggage that meets up with excellent standards in major countries worldwide.

Here are the steps you should follow to verify the quality of our luggage manufacturer from China.


Verify the manufacturer

First,you can verify the authenticity of our standards, raw materials, and quality through different methods. The verification process is very thorough, and in the end, you will be assured that you can place your brand’s reputation in our hands. Grand Travel Luggage has been in the luggage business for over two decades. That’s 20 years of producing hard side and soft side suitcases, backpacks, and other related products. Being in the business for a long time does not mean we are old fashioned. Our products are periodically reviewed to make room for new technologies and trends in the luggage business. You can verify our brands using the following methods:

  1. Employ the services of a professional audit firm to audit our company: One of the most reliable ways of verifying our products’ quality and durability is to request an audit. We will welcome and cooperate with any audit firm of your choice to confirm our Quality Management System (QMS), Organizational Setup, Production Process, and Compliance with Safety Measures. Before employing an audit firm, you can provide them with things you want them to focus on. The outcome of the audit will help you make a great decision.
  2. Examine our history: Grand Travel Luggage has been in the business for over twenty years. As an experienced manufacturer, we have the best teams, and we use the best raw materials in our goods. Our years of experience have availed us of the luggage business’s workings and make us confident that you can do business with us.
  3. Customer Brands: We have established brands such as Delsey, Travelpro, Head, and Jeep. These brands have been in business for years. Delsey has been a notable brand for over 70 years. A great way to verify our quality is to confirm our working relationship with these brands and also examine some of the suitcases we have manufactured for them.


Request for Samples

At request, we can provide free sample suitcases for your brand to verify the durability and quality of our luggage.

  1. Quality of material: We work with materials that are of the highest quality. We provide the quality you demand as we have products made with different materials. We provide quality, long-lasting, and beautiful suitcases that are in no way toxic or harmful to humans and pets.
  2. The durability of the design: Another thing you should check for in free samples is the durability of designs. You can give us designs that you want or opt for one of our world-famous designs. You can also have tests carried out on the luggage to ascertain the designs’ usability and durability. Free samples also avail you the opportunity to check out consumers’ reactions to a new set of products.
  3. Packaging: We package our goods safely and attractively so that they remain safe when being shipped. Our free samples will provide you with adequate knowledge of our shipment and packaging process.


Visit the Plant

The next thing is to visit the plant. You can do this in person or hire an experienced inspection team. We provide a free video visiting service, and we can pick you up from the nearest airport if you want to visit our plant in person. The visit is crucial because you will ascertain for yourself that our plant meets up with available quality control standards.

You can also schedule a meeting with our design and engineering teams to ascertain your orders are in capable hands. Suppose you do not know what to check for when visiting a luggage plant. In that case, you can hire the services of an experienced inspection team who will check our licenses, the quality of our equipment, and the quality of our manufacturing process. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you check and double-check these things. We also can provide a video visiting during this special time.


We are ready to give you references at request. Our references are notable brands that we have worked with who can verify the quality of our products. A manufacturer that can confidently provide references from different parts of the world is worth doing business with. We will provide you with the names of brands we have worked with consistently so that you can verify our authenticity from them. Schedule a meeting with at least two references to discuss our standards, terms of service, return policy, shipment procedure, etc. and compare the information to what you already know about us. Ensure that you connect every dot so that you won’t get any unwanted surprises.

Grand Travel has been in the luggage business for over twenty years. We have consistently manufactured trendy, fashionable, affordable, and quality luggage for different brands all over the world during these years. We were hoping you could verify our quality to be assured that we are right for your business and brand. Verify by requesting an audit, asking for free samples of our products, paying a visit to her plant, virtually or in-person, and verifying our products from brands we have worked with over the years.


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