How to Make Your Customized Soft Luggage More Beautiful

There are several brands in different countries all over the world that sell soft luggage for customers. To survive in this business, your brand has to stand out and be very appealing to users of all ages and gender. At Grand Travels, we are dedicated to giving your brand all it needs to attain the position of a world-famous brand that can operate in international markets all over the world. This can only be achieved when your brand provides beautiful customized soft luggage, just like the brands we provide OEM services for, such as Ricardo, Samsonite, and Jeep etc.



To make your customized soft luggage more beautiful and appealing to the eyes, recommend the following things:

Smart Function

One of the latest and popular trends in luggage manufacturing is the smart function. Suitcases powered with the smart function come with a host of advancements that make traveling easy and fun. We design soft side luggage with smart function for our brands to ensure that they can be a part of the current trend and even create new trends with their brands. Suitcases with the smart function come with the following

  • Remote app-enabled controls
  • GPS tracking
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Electronic scales
  • Solar Recharging
  • USB cable port for charging phones and other devices.
  • Removable lithium batteries
  • Proximity alarm


With these amazing functions, your customers can lock and unlock their suitcases from their mobile phones. Likewise, these functions ensure that your luggage remains safe. It comes with the GPS tracking option. You also have access to the internet anywhere, anytime, via the luggage. On request, brands offer suitcases that are solar enabled. This means that when traveling, end-users don’t have to bother about having a low battery since they can charge on the go.

Suitcases with the smart function are powered by removable lithium batteries that can charge secondary devices such as mobile phones. The batteries are safe and removable to comply with all safety standards in international airlines. The lithium batteries power the USB port, which serves as a charger for secondary devices. The suitcases also come with durable USB cables so that end-users have all they need to stay connected On-The-Go. Our smart function soft luggage is fitted with proximity alarms, remote lock, and other amazing mad cool features that will make your brand stand out.

Unique Designs

Another important thing that end users look out for in suitcases is amazing designs. People want suitcases that are fashionable yet durable and sleek. No end-user wants soft suitcases with outdated designs or bland looking designs. So if you want to make your customized soft luggage more beautiful, it is important to think of creative and beautiful designs. You want a design that immediately represents the uniqueness and class that your brand represents, and that is exactly what we give you at Grand Travel Luggage. We offer unique designs, such as:

  • 360 degree Spinner Wheels System
  • Reinforced Pull Handles
  • Well Placed Compartments for smart packing
  • Classic  Pockets
  • Appealing Shapes and Sizes
  • Patterned lines
  • And some many more.

Quality Materials

Quality materials send a message that your brand represents class and style. This is the message we help you pass with our durable, appealing, wear, and tear-resistant range. We have been in the luggage business for almost thirty years; thus, we know how to source durable, long-lasting materials that are of very high quality. We use:

  • Oxford Fabric
  • Nylon Polyester fabric
  • Rhombus Polyester fabric.

These materials are abrasion and tear-resistant. Another great advantage is that suitcases made with these materials can be easily cleaned. Nylon materials do not retain stain or water. These materials are popular among end-users who go for soft luggage. This is because they can be easily cleaned. They are very durable and waterproof. So if you want your brand to stand out, we recommend buying our soft suitcases that come with these quality materials for your brand.


Beautiful Patterns

Just like the painted hard luggage, patterned luggage has become very popular in recent times. Patterned fabrics lend style, uniqueness, and beauty to suitcases. These patterns often in. A wide variety of bright colors that blend well together. You can opt for three or more warm colors of different shades of the same color. Brands looking to make a bold statement can also go for patterns of very bright colors offer brands patterns such as

  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Animal skin
  • Zigzag lines
  • Rosettes
  • Tiny, shining dots, and many more.


We have a host of brilliant and experienced design teams who can give you beautiful and creative patterns that will make your brand stand out. You can also make patterns of superheroes, nature, seasons of the year, and others.

Beautiful Colors

The first thing that most end-users and retailers consider before purchasing luggage is the color. Your brand needs luggage that comes in vibrant, earthly, and catchy colors that will be appealing to end-users. We offer all shades of popular colors such as blue, red, and black. We can also dye materials in whatever color you want for your brand.  You can decide to have different colors from the compartments in the suitcases. Beautiful Colors are an amazing way to beautify your customized soft luggage. So whatever you want, we are willing to provide.


Colorful Tags and Accent

Colorful Tags/labels and accents will also help sell your brand. You can opt for bright colored luggage stickers, smart luggage tags, or bright colored luggage handle wraps used in different suitcases. Brands also use colorful accents on the tips of suitcases and zip to promote their uniqueness.

Bright colored luggage stickers will help end-users easily identify their suitcases in a sea of suitcases at the airport. These stickers can feature superheroes and action stars in suitcases meant for children, while suitcases for adults can feature pictures of nature, beautiful islands, highrise buildings, and other appealing pictures.  Our smart luggage tags come with QR codes and GPS for fast and easy tracking of suitcases.

You can beautify soft-sided luggage for your brands by going for suitcases with smart functions, choosing unique designs and beautiful patterns and colors. You can also add colorful Tags and accents for your brand’s suitcases. Whether you are choosing one or a group of these recommendations, we are ready to help you provide quality, durable, and fast-selling luggage for customers all over the world.

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