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Advantages of our factory

There are lots of advantages of our factory. We are the Best hard luggage manufacturer in China.

You can rely on us without a doubt. We promise the high-level quality and won’t let you down. for example, if you like 90-degree series hard luggage from the Xiaomi brand, you will appreciate our products as 100 degrees. The confidence is from our first level material base and to maintain our brand reputation as well.

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  • ABS luggage

    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a high cost-effective, if your budget is limited, I also advise you can choose ABS material for your hard luggage with lower rate.

  • PC luggage

    Polycarbonate is a durable material for producing hard luggage, you can find the PC hard luggage with elastic deformation advantages.

  • Polypropylene luggage

    Polypropylene with super lightweight advantages, it is formed from injection mold can meet special shapes to meet the designer‘s requirement.

Best hard luggage manufacturer in China

Hard Luggage

Grand Travel has been in the hard luggage industry for more than 25 years, we can manufacture the best quality hard luggage at a reasonable cost.

There are 50+ brand customers cooperating with us all over the world. We can provide you a one-stop solution for your promoting hard luggage project in a short time.

Why choose us

Actually, there are many customers and the buyer cannot make a final decision to choose an eligible hard suitcase for them. As the best hard luggage supplier in China, I can answer.

Most of the vendors will not tell you truly what Materials their hard luggage is made from. But as an expert hard luggage factory, we will sincerely share all of the details of our products. We provide high-level hard luggage to all our customers.


All kinds of hard luggage

First level class materials are used in our hard shell luggage. We make good quality soft luggage in 1993. From then, we start to develop ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP), and PET hard luggage.

To provide the High-level hard luggage and trolley for our customers, the first level Materials make our products long using and main accessories with a quality warranty for 5 years. That is promised by the best hard luggage manufacturer.


Hard luggage design from the expert team

As our slogan is good company follow the trends, and the great company creates, we have our own developing center and design team to make new series for customers in every month.

Our team is experienced members can make fit products to lead the trend. We try our best to design items with better craftsmanship, light-weight, strong and budget-friendly for your business.


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