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Advantages of our handmade bag

There are lots of advantages of our handmade bag. We are the Best handmade bag supplier since 1993.

You can rely on us sewing, packing and shipping on time without a doubt. We promised the high-level quality and won’t let you down. for example, if you like our design series handmade bag from our website, you will appreciate our products as perfect. The confidence is from our popular fashion in Shanghai and to maintain our brand reputation as well.


Best handmade bag manufacturer in China

Handmade Bag

Grand Travel has been in the backpack industry for more than 25 years, we can manufacture the best quality backpack at a reasonable cost and fast lead time

There are 100,000+ fans pay close attention to our new design reach every season. You can take our handmade bag to your friends’ party. I believe that you will become the highlight all of the people.

Why choose our handmade bag

Actually, there are many customers and the buyer cannot make a final decision to choose an eligible handbag for them. As the best handmade bag supplier in China, I can answer.

Most of the vendors will not tell you truly what Materials their handbag is made from. But as an expert handmade bag tailor, we will sincerely share all of the details of our products. We provide high-level handmade bag to all our customers.

Handmade bags were started and frequently used in Japan and Europe. Also it was popular in Shanghai at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. You can see many ladies buy it to match their Chinese cheongsam. We developed it with some modern elements to meet young girls’ requirements and you will love our handmade bag. Please see our more style on the website and order now from



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