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Advantages of our diaper bag

There are lots of advantages of our diaper bag. We are the Best mommy bag manufacturer since 1993.

You can rely on us sewing, packing and shipping on time without a doubt. We promise the high-level quality and won’t let you down. for example, if you like our design series diaper bag from our website, you will appreciate our products as perfect. The confidence is from our popular fashion in Shanghai and to maintain our brand reputation as well.

Traveling with kids may be a daunting thing because you need to carry lots of baby essentials in addition to your own stuff.

Our weekender diaper bag – a roomy diaper bag with plenty of open and zippered pockets for the organization, it is a lifesaver for your trips!

The weekender bag is the go-to diaper bag for you to travel with your baby!


  • Diaper bags 2201

    You can see Diaper bags 2201 is a normal diaper backpack from the front. Amazing if you see from the back, it is a safe seat for your baby. we can fixed it in your cars to replace your baby safe seat.

  • diaper bags 2202

    Stylish Diaper Bag: The design is perfect for someone who wants a diaper bag that looks like a tote or weekend bag, it looks like a stylish handbag, yet has all the functions needed in a diaper bag, no one will ever know you’re carrying a diaper bag. It also can be fixed in your trolley when you are walking.

  • Diaper bags 2206

    Diaper Bag + Changing Table + Portable Crib funcation. When folded, it is a diaper bag, when stretched out, it is a temporary crib, which is quick and convenient. no longer worry about changing diapers and baby sleeping when taking the baby out.

  • Diaper bags 2204

    The backpack is great quality for the price. You will like that it opens wide at the top to be able to reach in and easily grab stuff. Also it is super easy to setup the changing station. We were worried the bag would be too small, but it holds everything that we need. So choose it as your first diaper bag for traveling.

  • Diaper bags 2205

    It is very Spacious and Lots Pockets: The baby bag backpack has over 13 pockets, including 2 upgraded insulated pockets,1dry/wet pocket for wet towel/clothes/diapers,1 easily access to tissue pocket, 1 keychain to hang your keys, you can keep items easily within reach. This is a great maternity bag to go bag that can carry and organize all your important to go items for baby.

  • Diaper bags 2203

    Diaper Bag + Changing Table + Portable Crib funcation. When folded, it is a diaper bag, when stretched out, it is a temporary crib, which is quick and convenient. no longer worry about changing diapers and baby sleeping when taking the baby out. The zippers work great. I clip my car keys on one of the metal rings in the back. It’s perfect and has a spot for everything. 

Best Diaper bag manufacturer in China to make you be relax

Diaper Bag

Grand Travel has been in the diaper industry for more than 25 years, you can see our design can match all mommy’s requirements, we can manufacture the best quality diaper bag at a reasonable cost and fast lead time

There are 100,000+ fans and 1000+ buyers pay close attention to our new design reach every season. You can take our diaper bag to your travel and working place. I believe that you will feel comfortable and convenient in the using process.

Why choose our Diaper bag

Actually, there are many customers and the buyer cannot make a final decision to choose an eligible diaper bag for them. As the best diaper bag supplier in China, I can answer.

We ask thousands of parents across the China and identified what they really want in a diaper bag: large capacity, ease of use, durability, and style. With this in mind, we made it our mission to design the most fashion and functional diaper bag backpack on the market… We also set out to create an innovative hybrid solution for fashion focused mother (or father) who love being able to wear their diaper bag over their shoulder or use the easy to grab-and-go handle for quick carrying.

Some RFQ for your confusion:

1.Are the metal parts rust resistant?

Yes, our warranty can be up to 3 years.


2.Is it waterproof and machine washable?

Yes, it has waterproof fabric. We suggest hand wash or spot clean.


3.Is this a good bag for father as well?

Yep! Our diaper bag is unisex. Dads are happy to be seen in public with it, while on daddy duty!


4.Does the pacifier pouch attach?

Yep! The diaper bag attach the pacifier pouch. Such a great choice.


5.Is this bag heavy to carry when packed with everyday baby necessities?

It a little bit heavy, but it can take all the belongings for going out.


6.Is this diaper bag suitable for traveling with 2 kids?

Yes, of course. This diaper bag can take all the neccessities as baby clothes, wipes, bottles, toys, small blanket, and even a laptop.


7.Is this diaper bag itself heavy?

The diaper bag is not heavy at all. It is about one pound and a half.


8.Is a bag can make the mild warm?

It has a special warmer part in the front, the bag actually keeps the milk warm for a few hours, but it depends on the weather. Hope this helps!


9.Can you hook it to a stroller?

Yes. There are stroller hooks attached to the bag. However, if your stroller is wider, you can also drape the backpack straps onto the stroller, which is what I do for my baby‘s wheelchair.


10.Will this diaper bag backpack come with changing mat?

Yes, the diaper bag BS2204/2206/2210 do come with a changing pad.


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