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Grand Travel Your Premier Collapsible Suitcase Manufacturer in China

Grand Travel has Dozens of Collapsible Suitcase with new design to support our customers, you can buy it to highlight your suitcase business, below are some popular  fodable suitcase designs you can order right now.

If you want to see more fodable suiutcase design, just drop us an email. If you want to custom your own luggage design, just send us your drawing or idea, we will make perfect fodable suitcase to boom your luggage business.



Fodable Fast steps

We have collapsible suitcase style for your choice within 5 steps

High Quality Gurantee

As the best fodable luggage supplier for many big brands, we promise good quality for your showing

Fast Sample Time

You can get your suitcase at a short time with the best sample solution.

Small Storage Space

You can store the fodable suitcase at the corner when you don’t need them, it can max save your storage space

Grand Travel-Your Best Fodable Suitcase Supplier

As the best suitable fodable suitcase manufacturer . We have several years manufacturing experience in the fodable luggage industry. While some fodable luggage manufacturers are really good at what they do, they just might not be the right fit.

Grand Travel fodable suitcase with the lightweight carry-on luggage and small storage space feature, which is high light features we recommend. It’s convenient to take a cabin size with lightweight luggage and can be stored at the corner in the room, it makes you feel relax with the same capacity in a short trip.

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Grand Travel

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The Best Fodable Suitcase Supplier From China

Grand Travel is the best fodable suitcase supplier in China,  you can see we supply fodabel suitcases to most big brand customers. We can do a favor for you from small order quantities.

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How to Pack the Luggage to Save the Shipping Fee?

For many small companies, shipping costs are one of the greatest expenditures, but resourceful entrepreneurs are seeking ways to reduce the sting.

Do you feel confused about where to start packing up your belongings for shipping overseas? Do you bundle your clothes and drop them into boxes?  What kind of material do you require for packaging? What is the cheapest way for them to ship? Aren’t all these questions a bit challenging?

Such questions may pop up in your head while packing your luggage for shipping and at the same time finding a suitable way to pack it for avoiding shipping fees. I got an answer to all your questions. Here is a detail on saving shipping fee through proper packing of your stuff!

Before you Begin to Pack

You must split and distribute before you begin packing. Obviously, you have to split and divide your clothes before packing your luggage as it needs to be monitored carefully to give you a profit margin. Moreover, you have to look into the shipping costs and pack your stuff accordingly.

Ideas for Saving on Shipping by Packing the Luggage Properly

It is unlikely that having to carry your luggage all the way to the airport check-in desk would rate among the highlights of your journey, whether you’re leaving for a holiday, traveling for work, or going to school around the country. That’s one of the reasons why more and more people before their trip are shipping baggage.

  • Pack as Light and Small as You Can

Bulky bundles should go without saying that they cost more to transport than smaller equivalents. Packaging the goods in the shortest imaginable sizes is a reasonable rule of thumb. This means the use of as little packaging material as your products are healthy. If your stuff is protected in a padded mailer, you don’t want a sturdy box to add extra weight.

  • Get Packaging Materials for Free

Reducing the price you spend on packing materials is one great way to save on delivery. There are quite a few ways you can slash these prices, but here are my three most common tips for getting free supplies:

  • Dumpster Dive Facilities

You will be able to benefit from the cardboard recycling of nearby firms if you are not scared of making your hands a little dirty. A surprising amount of waste is generated by supermarket and retail shops, and most of it involves recycled packaging materials. Why not let us get rid of the waste while at the same time help the world out?

Although recycled and cut-up products do not look the classiest, the price you pay on the shipments will definitely be minimized. You have to weigh whether features or costs are more important to your stuff and make a choice from there.

  • Look into Last-Mile Shipment

You can deliver parcels without incurring residential surcharges with services like UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost. Your preferred courier will actually drop off parcels at the nearest post office of your client, and the USPS handles the distribution to the community.

Using such platforms will add an additional day or two to the shipping time, but by removing residential surcharges, they will also make the orders easier. When you consider using last-mile delivery systems, you have to balance the merits between pace and expense.

  • Quality Packing Materials should be Used

The proper packaging material is expected to satisfy the criteria of shipping safety, product appearance and convenience for customers. That’s why the most widely used packaging materials are corrugated boxes and bubble wraps, since they are solid, compact, inexpensive, simple to cut and simple to fold.

Nowadays, with the advancement of material technology, more retailers are beginning to use such plastics because they are waterproof, insulated, eco-friendly and recycled, reducing packaging costs. It can be an expensive flaw to bundle the goods with inadequate padding. Currently, investing more on packing products decreases gross shipping investing.

  • Ship with Multiple Carriers

You can help pick the right provider for each shipment by using several carriers. Furthermore, buyers would have the choice of choosing between delivery rates and costs. Both shipping firms have volume-based pricing schedules.

The more you move, the lower your cost. Yet tiny companies also do not know that they can even have bargaining power. Compare premiums and attempt to convince carriers to provide cheaper rates if you send huge quantities of packages.

  • Choose the Appropriate Fillers for Uniform Support

At times, extra protections can be needed for a commodity, and that is where packing fillers come in. Here are a few samples of the fillers that are the strongest.

Custom pads and partitions: For small bottles, cosmetics, and jars, these are fine.

Air pillows: Ideal for lightweight pieces

Crumpled paper: Great for toys, dolls, electronics, other small home gadgets, etc.

Bubble wraps: They are ideal for valuable objects such as mirrors, collectibles, other precious items, etc.

  • Put Some Small Bags in the Cabin Size

The small bags should be kept in the cabin size; however, do not forget about the shape and size of the package. It should neither be too loose nor too tight, and should not even be complex for you to handle it. It should be easy to handle and simple to carry around.

  • Organize the Stuff inside the Right Way

As your luggage contains various kinds of products to be carried and these can collide with one another while moving and transferring, it can cause damage and loss to the material. Thus, it is necessary to put things in an organized way while packing. It also prevents collision and shaking during long-distance shipping and expresses a sense of wholeness.

In a Nutshell,

Finding the appropriate solution to pack your luggage to avoid shipping costs is a bit confusing; however, the above-mentioned ideas prove to be useful to get your luggage where it needs to reach without any airport hassles. I hope that these ways will be proved very useful for packing your luggage in the right way.

Another way you can choose COLLAPSIBLE SUITCASE to save your shipping fee.


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