• soft luggage logo-BS045
  • soft luggage zipper-BS045
  • soft luggage logo-BS045
  • soft luggage side handle-BS045
  • soft luggage back namecard-BS045
  • soft luggage sets-BS045
  • soft luggage logo-BS045
  • soft luggage zipper-BS045
  • soft luggage logo-BS045
  • soft luggage side handle-BS045
  • soft luggage back namecard-BS045
  • soft luggage sets-BS045

Soft Luggage Como Series BS045

BS045 is a new developed soft luggage  for promoting in the design show and created by our professional team combine with the latest 3 tones fabric design.

You can custom your brand and accessories for your products. Or sell our products with Grand Travel luggage brand as an agent, we can provide the quality of the product free accessories change after-service for more than 5 years.

  • New design fabric with 3 tone color indicate the fashion
  • Front zipper pocket used for small things convenient
  • Good handwork show the sewing quality the same as bulk production
  • Spinner strong wheels can pass any testing standard
  • TSA lock is easy for checking in the custom
  • Namecard design is suitable to customize your brand again

Factory and team pics

There are three sizes for this mould, which is regular 20/24/28 inch. The cabin size for BS015 pp hard luggage is only 2.4 kg. Dimension of BS015(W*D*H) is 37*22*55.5cm(cabin)/43*27*65cm(medium)/48*30.5*75cm(large). Full aluminum tube make it have light-weight benefits, strong polypropylene material formed in one-time injection mold with durable funcation. Silent double wheels is normally chosen by all younger customers for moving smoothly. We also match 210D high level quality lining and TSA lock for BS015 mould. Every accessory makes this style to be a top class luggage. And the special point of it is the hidden expandable zipper, we have applied for the patent of this new invention.

soft luggage front face-BS045

Grand Travel Soft Luggage Manufacturer FAQ Guide.


Grand travel luggage has been in the business of the production of quality and affordable luggage for over 20+ years.

Our luggage is manufactured from different materials and in different sizes to suit your brand’s needs. Here are answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.


How Many Suitcase Brands Do You Cooperate In The World?

We partner with major suitcase brands from all over the world. Grand Travel Luggage has worked with notable brands such as Delsey, Jeep, Head, and Travelpro.

Delsey and Travelpro are among the top ten suitcases brands in the world.

Delsey has been a prominent name in the suitcase business for over seventy years and they have trusted us to be their OEM, you should do the same.

These notable brands and others have a nice working relationship with us as a result of the quality, affordable, and prompt services we offer.


What’s Your FOB Port?

Our FOB (Freight on Board) Ports are the Shanghai Port and Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

The Freight/Free on Board port is the port where liability for goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

If anything happens to your goods while we are transporting them to these ports, we take responsibility.

The Shanghai port is located in the second-largest city in China and it is the most preferred container port in the world. The port handled 43.3 million Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) in 2019.

The Ningbo port is the fourth most preferred port in the world. We have chosen these ports for safety and effectiveness.


How To Verify The Quality Of Luggage Manufacturer From China.

The best way to verify the quality of luggage manufacturers from China is to ask for free samples, contact references, or pay a visit to our plant.

As part of our services, we offer you free samples of our products for you to verify the quality of our world-class suitcases. We assure you of the best materials for our hard and soft shell luggage.

You can also request for our references. These are brands that we have worked with such as Desley, Head, and Travelpro.

Lastly, you can pay a visit to our manufacturing plant to examine the materials, process, and brilliant designs that we use for our world-class suitcases.


What Is Your MOQ Luggage Order?

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for a luggage order is 300 pieces of suitcases.

You can place your order for 300 pieces and above on any of our products. The MOQ is set to give you the best price per unit so you can resell at a very favorable price.

The MOQ also ensures that you don’t spend too many resources on freight as you transport your order at once.

With our MOQ you can comfortably create your brand of luggage with amazing and unique designs that your target audience.

You can send in your designs as we provide OEM and ODM services.


How To Make A Luggage Sample In A Short Time?

You can make a cheap sample of your luggage using materials that can easily be gotten.

If you have an idea for a luggage sample in mind, the first thing you should do is draw it. When you draw it, you will be able to create a better picture in your mind.

You should then decide on the material you wish to use. Make sure the design and material you wish to use are practical and durable.

You should also consider the latest trends in the market before you make your decision.

The next thing is to get a cheap material that you can use to fashion the design. You will also need glue, poles, and wheels to create your sample.

Can You Provide Free Samples?

Yes, you can get free samples.

We provide free samples for prospective buyers so that you can feel the quality of the product you wish to purchase. As soon as we are convinced of your order, you can request a free sample.

The free sample will be sent to your agent in China, then you can ship it anywhere in the world.

The free sample offer is also available for brands that send us their desired designs. After we manufacture it, we will send you a sample of the finished products.

Our expertise will help us carve out whatever you want in terms of design, material, and quality.


Can You OEM Luggage For Our Brand?

Yes, we can OEM luggage for your brand.

You can contact us if you need an Original Equipment Manufacturer for your brand. You send us your specifications of parts or complete products including size, material, dimensions, and designs.

Our service is to manufacture what you have in mind. The finished product will be in your Brand’s name.

We can recreate as many designs as you want through all the range of products we manufacture.

We provide OEM services for hard and soft shell suitcases, backpacks as well as shopping carts.

How To Choose The Luggage Label For Your Brand.

When you wish to choose a luggage label or that for your brand, you should consider:

«  Material: go for a material that will complement the material of the suitcase and one that will be durable. You can use leather, metal, plastic, or silicone labels.

«  Visibility: choose a label that can easily be seen. If one of your brand’s suitcase is in a sea of bags at the airport, the label should make it easy to identify.

«  Design: you must also consider design and construction before you choose a label. A good label should be attached to the bag with small loops, clasps, or zips that won’t open easily or snag on other things.

The types of labels are:

«  Traditional Luggage Label: labels that have spaces for the full name, email, and phone number.

«  Luggage Stickers: bright stickers attached to suitcases for easy identification.

«  Travel Smart Luggage: labels with QR codes, GPS, or Bluetooth for easy tracking of suitcases.

«  Luggage Handle Wraps: wraps that are attached to handles of suitcases for identification. They are detachable so they can be used in different suitcases.


What Is The Max Load Of Different Luggage Sizes?

A small Cabin suitcase about 45 cm (18 inches) has a capacity of 40 liters. It is best for quick trips. You can carry your essentials, small documents, and small-sized electronics such as a clipper in it.

A large Cabin suitcase about 50 cm (20 inches) has a capacity of 45 liters or 6-10 kg.

Extra Large Cabin Suitcase about 56 cm (22 inches) has a capacity of 50 liters.

Medium Suitcase about 60 cm (24 inches) has a capacity of 75 liters.

A large Suitcase about 71cm (28 inches) has a capacity of 120 liters.

Extra Large Suitcase about 81 cm (32 inches) has a capacity of 130 liters.

We are sure this guide provides adequate information to everything you need. You can always check our website

Our factory has enough production capacity to finish your urgent project within a short time.

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