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Advantages of our ABS Luggage Manufacturer

Fast lead time, we showed as above, we have 8 production lines and we can finish your orders at a very quick time.

Many customers all around the whole world, we are an old factory with rich experience, we can provide details of quality standard, regular customized dimension and popular color in the sample making process.

Many kinds of stock moulds for your choice, we have more than thousands of molds at our showing room, you can choose what you like and change to yourself design with the customized brand.

Trusted ABS Luggage Manufacturer

Big capacity is up to 100,000 pcs luggage every month. We have 8 production lines at our factory and we can finish your project in a very short time. The order process has been cut 5 steps for you from jDrawingàkConstruction samplesàlConfirmation SamplesàmPre-production samplesànMass production samples and Final quality inspection.

You will get our high-quality mass production at a fast lead time of around 30 days. For your urgent project, You can tell me your total quantity at the beginning and we will offer the best solution for you with 3 working days. Please contact us now.

ABS luggage BS1919

It is a popular single trolley ABS  luggage series in 2020, you can see the endless lines in the front of luggage and get an innovative design of  ABS hard luggage.

ABS luggage BS1939

You can see ABS luggage BS1939 series in many colors and more straight lines at our showing room, it is designed like a slim beauty, you can appreciate it from outside .

ABS luggage BS1918

It is created by the symmetry artisit. You will feel newly design from front face, the horizontal line in the center meat the balance and the left top and bottom line represent wave.

How to make your customized ABS luggage to be more attractive


Take a glance at the ABS luggage carousel on the conveyer at the airport and you will notice how similar they all are. There is a good chance 90% of the bags will be black and of almost the same size. It’s no wonder 25 million bags are lost at airports every year. Meantime you don’t have to be part of the sad statistic – you can customize your ABS luggage to make them stand out from the rest.

The following are some ingenious ways of customizing your ABS luggage to make it more attractive.

  • Decorative stickers – from nature and travel to graffiti and other art forms, there are lots of decorative stickers that you can add to your luggage to make it pop.
  • Bold colors – instead of going for the obvious black ABS luggage, add some personality by buying bold luggage. This will easily stand out from other normal ABS luggage at the airport.


  • Luggage belts – wrap your ABS luggage with a thin strip of customized luggage belt and you will transform otherwise boring luggage into an eye-catching piece.
  • Add monograms – adding your initials with monograms is a simple and yet stylish way to customize your ABS luggage.


  • Luggage tags – a unique luggage tag is the perfect accessory that makes your bags stand out and also gives you a chance to show off your personality. It makes everyone who notices your bags know you travel in style.


  • Creative artistic décor- if you have an artistic side, use your artistic genius to make your bags unique. Transform your bags into a canvas on which you can create spellbinding art pieces that will make every head turn. But you don’t have to be artistic to do this. You can just use spray paint and a stencil and you will still transform any boring ABS luggage into an artistic piece.


  • Customized ABS luggage handle wraps – a handle wrap makes carrying of bags a more pleasant experience. But don’t settle for those boring wraps. Instead, make aesthetically appealing wraps that will help you to easily identify your bags at the airport.


  • Tie your handle with fabric and ribbons – another clever way of making your ABS luggage standout is by tying the handles with fabric and/ or ribbons. For best results, go for brightly colored ribbons and fabric. You can braid several of them together to get a thick and colorful design.


  • You can also visit the website from my friends Max. He provide a tracking code with your luggage or bags, it will do a good favor for you at the foreign country.


Advantages of customized ABS luggage


You can travel with the same boring ABS luggage that everyone else uses. Or you can customize your bags and be different from the rest. And it’s not just about being different – there are lots of advantages of customized luggage. These include;

  • Reduced stress levels

Traveling is seldom fun – even when traveling for leisure. Most people have to deal with travel stress during and even after the trip. One simple way of dealing with travel stress is by using customized luggage. Something as simple as adding brightly colored ribbon strips around your bag handles can instantly boost your spirits thereby significantly reduce your stress levels.

  • No more lost bags

With over 25 million bags lost at airports every year, it is easy to become part of the sad statistic. The biggest reason why so much luggage is lost at airports is how similar most ABS luggage is. And when you customize your ABS luggage, you make it stand out and harder to lose. It works both ways – you will not pick the wrong bags and a stranger will also not take your bags by mistake.

So, you not only ensure you don’t lose your bags but you also help some unsuspecting strangers from picking the wrong bags. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.

  • Satisfaction

No feeling comes close to the feeling you get when you make something really beautiful. And the best part about customized ABS luggage is you don’t even have to try that hard. Just a couple of creative ideas and you will have ABS luggage that makes heads turn at the airport. Then you can wear a smug expression and bask in the knowledge that you actually turned ordinary luggage into a breathtaking piece of art.

  • Timeless fashion

Fashionistas spend thousands of dollars every year chasing trends. And the problem with trends is they keep changing. No sooner do you catch a new trend than another one comes quickly along. And the cycle goes on and on.

  • Enter customized luggage.

Customized ABS luggage is personal art and personal art never goes out of fashion. Irrespective of the season or the current trend, you can clutch your luggage with confidence that you will always be stylish without breaking the bank.

  • Be the boss

The fashion industry often determines what is fashionable and we tend to hop along. So, what do you do when a certain style is the in thing and you don’t like something about it? Maybe there is a buzz about canvas and yet you are still a stickler for leather? Well, with customized bags, you get to determine exactly how your ABS luggage should be. Including the materials, the colors, and the overall look and feel.

  • Pay as you go

Customized ABS luggage makes it affordable to add accessories that make sense. Instead of buying a premade bag that has accessories you might never need, you can choose exactly which accessories to add.  This not only adds your personality to your ABS luggage but it saves you money as well.

If you are undecided about which accessories to go for, you can even customize a design and post it on social media to get the views of your friends. It’s almost like going on a window-shopping spree for ABS luggage without having to visit the mall.




Buying the same old boring ABS luggage is so yesterday. Go for customized ABS luggage and add some personality to your travel. Let people know that you are a stylish traveler – whether traveling for business or pleasure. Besides, there are lots of benefits of customized ABS luggage including making it harder to lose your bags at the airport. If traveling has always been stressful, try customized ABS luggage and you might just be pleasantly surprised at how stress-free traveling will suddenly become.

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